Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week 11

Well, Bartok has done some growing and mommy can really tell. I'm not showing yet, but I've basically been playing real-life Hungry-Hungry-Hippos. And yes, I just compared myself to a hippo and I'm okay with it. Shamus pointed out, not long ago, that I am like a hippo - we both have small ears! Back to the fun game I'm playing - instead of eating lots of small meals throughout the day, I'm now eating lots of large meals throughout the day. I still haven't gained any weight, though! (It seems miraculous to me - but not as miraculous as what's happening with the baby.)
Bartok, on the other hand, is getting bigger. He is about the same size as a lime, and is looking more and more like these parents, apparently. (Pic from head is now the same size as the body (stand behind Shamus, his dad, or his grandfather sometime and note the size of the skull) and the skin is so transparent that you can see the blood vessels. (When's the last time Karen or Shamus had a tan?? Is it even possible??) Also, Bartok has un-webbed, human hands with teensy fingers! This week finger nails will come in.
As Bartok grows, so does my uterus - it's now about the size of a small grapefruit - which is the same size as the nut in a coconut! Put the lime in the coconut nut and drink em both up, put the lime in the coconut nut, then you feel better... hmmm... maybe not.
We have an appointment coming up next week. They are going to prod me on the belly to check out my uterus and I get all my blood tests back! That's about the most exciting thing that will happen, though. The rest is just plain old check up stuff - weight, blood pressure, etc. The most exciting prenatal appointment will probably happen sometime in July when we'll find out if Bartok is a boy or a girl!
It's time for me to get going - I have a tour of the hospital this morning!! Never thought I'd be excited about that... Things change when you're pregnant!

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Morgan said...

Put the lime in the coconut! Now all you need is to add some Rum! Well-maybe not! ;) haha! I really do love love love these updates! Bartok has teeny tiny fingers and tenny tiny finger nails!! That's so awesome and amazing. I can't wait to bite off those tiny fingers! Only kidding! But I will definitely be kissing them a bunch! I miss you guys. xoxox