Monday, April 28, 2008

9th and 10th Weeks

Shamus and I have been learning from National Geographic's In the Womb video about our baby's development. Our baby (AKA Bartok - a womb-only name) is exploring the womb now by bouncing off the walls - literally! Luckily, Bartok is so small that I can't feel it; however, I'm still feeling queasy everyday before bed and right after I wake up. I've learned that it is not due to my baby, but rather to the excessive amount of hormones my body is pumping out to make sure it knows that it's pregnant and that it knows what to do (while the baby may function like a parasite, so say my doctors and Shamus's mom, my body is supposed to resist the urge to destroy the cute little thing and gladly give the baby anything he wants without complaining). Apparently, that takes a lot of convincing.
Bartok is about the size of a ten-week old fetus. Most people have no idea that's around 1.2 inches long and weighs about 0.1 oz. Most people couldn't guess that those measurements are comparative to a prune. Many people don't know that a prune looks like this
(pic from Fortunately for Bartok, he looks more like a baby than a prune. His head is ginormous, though! Don't worry, by the end of next week, his head will be the same size as his body, which is much more normal.
Now, my womb is apparently the size of an orange - I'm hoping most of my readers are familiar with that fruit. Since you can now compare the sizes of a prune and an orange, you can get a great picture in your mind of the little bouncing baby springing off his head, feet, legs, arms and whatever other body parts he has, and bonking into the sides of the womb. Sounds like fun!!
Well, Bartok and I are pretty worn out from a long day of trampoline-womb and tutoring kids of all ages. Time to get another night of what I think is too much sleep but my body says is almost enough - around 9 or 9 and a half hours. Here's to another happy, healthy week!


Stephanie 晓芬 said...

I am learning WAY more than I every did in any high school sex ed class :) Leave it up to teacher Karen to give the best analogies (i.e. prunes and oranges!)

Congratulations again! If you didn't see it, you got a mention on my blog too :)

Love you!,

Morgan said...

I think life as a prune bouncing around in an orange sounds fantastic!! and fruity :) Lucky Bartok! keep the updates coming! I miss you both (all 3 of you actually) so much, and I never thought I'd say this-but blogging makes me feel closer to you.
LOVE YOU!!! Kisses and Noogies all around

mrshuston said...

congratulations on your the way.
i'm glad you have a blog. its helps us far off cousins keep up with what is going on in your lives!!! I sent your link to bryan, he is hoping to be back stateside by the time baby cronin shows up =D