Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ready for two!

We went to the doctor today to see how little Ben is doing in utero - and he's head-down! Yay! We're packing our bags and finishing up Jay's new room this week in preparation for Ben's arrival.

I am super-pregnant (this picture is from March 27!) and ready to end this pregnancy... although I did have a "freak-out moment" with Shamus, during which I showed him a newborn diaper and a newborn onesie and said through tears and a smile, "Can you believe how tiny he's going to be?" while Shamus laid the onesie on my belly "to make sure it would fit Ben". "Are we ready?" I asked. Silly question - as if God would a) wait until we're ready or b)give us something we're truly not ready for... so we're as ready as we're going to be!

The due date is April 30th, and it's plus/minus 2 weeks... so April 16th - May 14th is the range. April 16th is THIS FRIDAY!!! We're almost in range! Watch out, world - here comes Ben!