Monday, August 9, 2010

2 Vids and some Vacation Pics

Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Lots of driving / Sleeping in the car (and not just for the one behind the wheel!) I (Shamus) take no credit for the layout as this is the 15 minutes where everyone is sleeping and I don't have to work / mow the lawn.
Ben can finally smile for pictures

How embarrassing...

Edward-Glove-Hands = Age 2

Baby Army 2010
First Victim of the Baby Army

"Either I jumped or someone just left me lying here on the ground. Either way I'm yellin!"

A little Air and Space Museum

Sure you can take a picture but it'll cost you $5
Jay and his stuffed animal brother. Looks real doesn't it!

So Ben can smile and laugh but he has to do a full body situp... and when he's laying on the ground it turns into a full body face plant. Oh well, abs of steel and a broken nose are what most super heroes have, right?

He may need a comb in his hair, a better looking smile, and less food stuffs all over but he can almost say all of our names. A little more trivia and he can probably pass the high school graduation test!

I hope that holds everyone over... time to go mow the lawn.