Thursday, May 22, 2008

Week 13

Something terrible happened to me this week. It's just horrible and I'll never understand why it had to happen to ME of all people.
I stopped liking chocolate.
Seriously, I did. You think I'm kidding - I'm not - and I'm a little upset about it because a great friend of mine sent me a box of GODIVA chocolates for Mother's Day (How sweet, right?) and I only ate about three-fourths of them before I stopped liking chocolate. Plus, Hershey's chocolate was on sale at the grocery store right before this horrifying event took place and I bought 2 bags!
Here's how it happened:
It was a beautiful, sunny day with just the right amount of fluffy white clouds in the sky. I was at a student's house tutoring and we were working on understanding percentages higher than 100. He was working out a percentage from a Dolly Parton fraction* I gave him when his mother walked in from the living room and said these 5 wonderful words: "Would you like some chocolate?" with a slight Hispanic accent. I said, "I'd love some" and thanked her as she handed me a Nestle's Chocolate Treasure. I peeled off the shiny paper and bit of half of it. It didn't taste good. I didn't like it at all. I thought it was some kind of tastebud breakdown so I gave a little pep talk, "this is the best stuff in the world! you guys LOVE this!", and ate the other half. It still didn't taste good. My student didn't notice the look of befuddlement and emptiness in my eyes when he asked "Do I have to divide this by 100?". Helping him with his math distracted me from the disappointment I was feeling. When I got home and saw the box of chocolates, I was reminded of this sad development and I told Shamus about it. He was pretty surprised - and surprisingly sympathetic. He even volunteered to eat the chocolate for me!!! Shamus has been enjoying the Godiva chocolates and I've had to remind him to eat or give away all the chocolate in the house because I won't be having any and we really shouldn't throw it out.
There is some good news, though - I still enjoy brownies, chocolate cake and ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies. My buds are still delighted to be tasting those foods.
I'm sure some of you are wondering whether or not I am angry at Bartok because of this, but that's ridiculous. Even if Bartok were doing this on purpose to make it easier to get more chocolate for him/herself, I'd have to give B some credit for creative strategy and forfeit my chocolate. Honestly, I think it's fun to have something that I thought of as permanent suddenly change!
I do hope that I can someday savor chocolate the way I used to, but if I can't, Bartok will have a good story to tell about it!

Aside from that big change, the only other thing happening now is that we're making an offer on a house. But does that really compare to a change in someone's identity? More about that house stuff later.

Bartok is growing and I am hungry all the time. I eat 2 breakfasts, a lunch, a large "snack", dinner, and second dinner. AND I have only gained 1 pound. I've been doing this for almost 2 weeks now... where is all the food going?? Shamus the scientist has no explanations as to how the baby can be growing, I can be eating a lot more but me and the baby weigh less or the same weight as before I was pregnant. I just gained that one pound recently. God mentions the childbirth pains but he doesn't mention the awesome way I keep "chunkin it on" (AKA eating more than usual) and "it" doesn't stay "on". I hope all moms have the joy of eating a whole lot of really good food and losing weight in the process.

Yes, I know, it will catch up with me. But in the meantime I'm runnin' fast to the tune of "na-na-na-na-boo-boo" as I enjoy a delicious plate of pasta - for the 4th time today!!

*Can someone please answer this question for the poor soul who's never heard of a Dolly Pardon fraction: What is a Dolly Parton fraction?

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Stephanie 晓芬 said...

Haha! I know who sent you those Godiva chocolates! Well, at least you got to enjoy a portion of the box...and then Shamus gets to eat some! Stuff happens! Love ya!
- Steph