Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Week 12

Well, Bartok, Shamus and I have been verrrrry busy recently! Shamus was hired on at BMW and we were blessed with a new car!! Never thought we'd drive anything like it - until he was hired. We still tell people it's not ours - we're just driving it. While Shamus and I got used to cruising around, Bartok grew to be the size of a plum. We went to the doctor for the 12-week checkup and all is well. She used a small hand-held device to allow us to listen to the heartbeat. As Shamus pointed out after the appointment, it was awfully grainy for 2008 and the age of "4D" ultrasounds. Now I'm thinking, who cares? It was INCREDIBLY reassuring to hear the heartbeat of the baby inside me that I can neither see nor feel. I sometimes forget that Bartok is there!
This week we got serious about buying a house. Here are the houses we've considered: We took Bartok to see several houses several times but I don't think they were visible through my belly.
Speaking of my belly, it still isn't big to the untrained eye. The grandmothers-to-be both noticed before Shamus or I that I was pooking out a little. I just broke out the summer wardrobe and I tried on pants and shirts to see if I am still the same size as I was last summer. I thought I was just chunkier this year because things are a little snug. Apparently, Bartok is contributing to that snugness! Luckily, I own lots of exercise-style clothing that is loose and stretchy so we haven't spent any money on maternity clothes yet! I'm sure that will change soon.
This marks the END of the first trimester! I hope the exams aren't too difficult - I've been studying a little!

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