Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Week 19

Well it's been a GREAT week so far!! Last weekend, we went to Charleston for Joveth Pacaanas's wedding and we visited Alicia and Justin, all friends from Clemson. I got to show off my Bartok belly, attend a beautiful wedding, eat some very delicious seafood, and hang out with good friends. We brought the Wii and had a great time watching Alicia and Justin box!!
Bartok is now the size of a mango!! Again, like the avocado, if you're not sure how big that is or how it tastes, please go to the local grocery store, ask someone how to pick out a good one, buy it, skin it, slice it and eat it. You'll thank me later.
On a grosser note, Bartok is also covered with fine hair called Lanugo mixed with dead skin cells and oil. It's called "Vernix caseosa" which apparently means "Cheesy varnish" - because that's what it looks like. Yum. The purpose is to shield the baby from the amniotic fluid. It's why they don't come out all prune-y after a 9-month-long bath. Another cool fact: we're the only land mammals that have newborns that have this stuff on them. There are some sea mammals that have newborns with vernix caseosa, though, like the seal.
We're painting 2 rooms in the house at the end of this week: the baby room and the office (which is just one of the bedrooms upstairs). Can't wait to see how they turn out!
This weekend we're heading up to PA for Shamus's cousin Katie's wedding. There will be family in from all over the place and Gene and Renee will be there with Callan, their 3-month-old son! Sam already called dibs on him (Callan, not Gene), but I'm sure I'll get to hold him some, too. I'm really excited to be able to talk to Renee about being a mom! It'll be fun to talk to someone who is going through new motherhood right now!
We find out on Monday, July 7th if our baby is a boy or a girl!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!

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