Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week 20

It's a.......... BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went out to dinner with the grandparents-to-be and Sam to celebrate! My mom and dad came up early Monday to help move a van-load of stuff to the new house and when Shamus and I got back from the appointment, they were at our apartment with 3 pink cupcakes and 3 blue ones and a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. Shamus and I decided not to tell anyone until we were all together but I almost slipped a few times in the 15 minutes that we had to wait. Our son is very healthy and I had the privilege of getting a 2nd ultrasound on Wednesday to see his heart because he wouldn't roll over and show us on Monday. The nurse printed out a bunch more pictures for me. This is my favorite one because he's kissing me.

We are naming the baby after Shamus (he's James IV), but we're not sure what we're going to call him yet. Therefore, I'm going to continue to call him Bartok, since Shamus and I "agreed" with Morgan and Sam on that name for the time being. By "agreed" I mean that we couldn't fight it off, so we embraced it and now love it. There are a few names that are out for sure, including, but not limited to: Bartok, Five, Cinco (5 in Spanish), Funf (5 in German), Cuig (5 in Irish, pronounced koo-ick) and Tito. (Tito was a suggestion from Robby, who thought JAC5 (the baby's initials plus his V) would remind everyone of The Jackson 5 and I guess Tito is his favorite.)
We're not posting any pictures to prove that Bartok is a boy because his father doesn't think that would be very classy. And now that she's thought about it, his mother agrees in that she wouldn't want most people having that picture. If you want to see one, I carry them with me in my planner and all you have to do is ask.

Bartok is now the size of a regular cantaloupe (not the ones that look like they're on steroids - the regular ones) and has achieved a new feat - he can make poo!!! It's actually amazing that he's already doing that, since it won't escape him until after he's born! That is some complicated poo, I guess. Even more complicated than polyjuice potion.
Still haven't felt the baby - but the doctor said I should in the next 2 weeks. I've really been trying to encourage him... my favorite song to sing to him is "Kung fu Fighting" and of course "Hit me with your best shot" and I'll even sing a few words of "Hit me baby one more time" even though I don't like the song - but it's the only one directed at babies. I've even started nudging him a little (gently, of course) to see if I can get him riled up. So far no luck. I talked to my friend, Amanda, who is about a month ahead of me in her 1st pregnancy, and she can see her baby move from one side to the other!!! Yet another thing I can't wait for!!!!!!

This is a picture from Katie's wedding of me and Weston - as per Morgan's request that I post this particular baby bump picture. The bump does look nice in that outfit. And Weston sure is cute! Oh, the joys of marrying into another wonderful family!!

This weekend is more painting - and this time, I'll be there to take pictures! (Don't worry, I won't be breathing in those fumes... I'll be breathing the other air in the room. It's really a matter of teaching your nostrils to detect the good air amongst the bad.)

I'll get another belly shot in the Reactions slideshow ASAP. Then you can start making statements about whether or not my belly is over-reacting - quietly, among yourselves so that I can't hear you just in case I'm feeling sensitive about my shape in that moment. Which could very well be the moment after I say "It's kinda cool how I can't fit into any of my old pants anymore" (Which used to translate to "I'm okay with being fatter than before", but now that I'm pregnant, it could mean "I need to do some laundry", "I'd like to purchase a few pairs of pants", or even "It's really terrible that I can't fit into any of my old pants anymore and I'm upset about it.")

And now you know more about the many challenges that every father-to-be is faced with!***

***A hint to everyone: It helps to repeat back to the crazy pregnant lady, word for word, what she said so that she can at least hear herself. No guarantees on good communication - I'm just saying that it can't hurt as long as you're calm when you do it. Good luck.


Rosie Harkness said...

Congrats on the news!!! We look forward to seeing you again in a few days!! (Are you coming up on Friday??)
Just some thoughts on the name....I had a friend name their fifth child Quentin...I guess I dont have to explain that one! :)
See you soon!!! xoxo

Katy said...

hiii! i've been told to leave a comment for my parents since they can't...
the fam suggests naming him Jack, but spelling it Jac since his initials are JAC. But my dad wants me to inform you that Jeff is the best name for the baby haha. And I saw what your friend suggested, I babysit for a boy named Quinnton and they call him Quinn, I love that name, I think it's so adorable! anyways, I hope y'all are both doing well...I'm actually in the airport now heading back to the states so I hope I get to talk to you soon!