Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week # ... oh man I'm late!

We'll I've been blogged and emailed by my own wife so here's my post for weeks whatever to whatever +1:

We have a new red car, a new house, and are working on the baby (well Karen's been stuffing down enough calories to build AT LEAST a baby human if not a small army - just my opinion). The car's shown here and we kind of disown it whenever people see it because we're not new car people, or nice car people, or expensive car people, or really car people... but it gets us to where we're going. :-)

The new house is on the right and more pictures are on the link on the right (somewhere). Tyler already claimed one room so you'd better speak up or you'll be sleeping in the crawl space. We're almost completely done setting up everything to buy the home and now we just have to wait until June 30th... and then sign on a lot of debt to the Cronin name. (Maybe Debt Cronin already took a room too... they're going quick!)

I've just seen that Karen posted ahead of me anyway so here's a quick list of upcoming coolness:

- Reunion in Kentucky with many a' family member
- Wedding in Charleston (I hope it cools off)
- Wedding in PA (another cousin leaves the ocean for the lush jungle of married life... can fish breathe in jungles?)
- Buy a refrigerator, washer, and dryer
- Stock above mentioned refrigerator
- Win some gold cups in Mario Kart Wii
- Become official members of North Hills Community Church (it's about time!)
- Watch a whole lot of European and World Cup qualifying soccer
- Sleep?

I hope that stops the emails / blogging / tar-and-feathering about not posting on here. Someone's got to work for all the food that's "feeding the baby". :-) WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

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mrhuston said...

I am so happy for you two. Nice car/job nice house and a new baby on the way. God has truely blessed you both and he will continue to. And by the way I have been watching the football games over here it is like there past time sport here. Plus I play with them too they are not that great at it though. We play in the dirt so that doesn't help the game play. Love you guys!