Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week 16

Happy Father's Day, everydad! Our celebration has been post-poned until tomorrow but hopefully I'll have some pictures to put online of the celebration later this week.
I've got another belly shot for those of you who haven't seen the real thing. Our neighbor upstairs saw me today and said, "Ooo, you have a baby bump!". Well, this bump is causing a few problems in the wardrobe department but I did make my first maternity purchase recently: shorts. I'm wearing them in the photo and I did an interesting video explanation of how they work - but it's on my cell phone. If any of you are in the Boston area, my sister-in-law, Morgan, has a copy of the video, which was actually made for her. It's a bit of a science experiment. I seem to be doing lots of those recently...
"Hmmm... what would happen if I drank an O'Douls non-alcoholic beer??" "How many pieces of cake can I eat before Bartok decides not to like it?" "Can I balance a full cup of juice on my belly yet?" "Can I bend over and pick something up off the floor within 15 minutes of ingesting something?" "What can fit in my maternity clothes besides me and Bartok? That soccer ball? That mixing bowl?" The answers: 1. I fulfill the craving I've had for beer and don't harm the baby!! 2. Unknown - requires more research, and therefore, more cake! 3. No. I can't even balance an empty cup. 4. No, not even if I do the pregnant lady squat because it still makes me feel like I'm going to un-gest what I ingested instead of digesting it. 5. Not the soccer ball, yes the mixing bowl.
Bartok is now an avocado. If you're not sure what that is or how large it is, please go to the grocery store, purchase one, cut it into thin slices (without the skin), salt it, and eat it on some bread. In the process, you'll not only learn how large our baby is, but you'll also enjoy a savory Hispanic snack. I also encourage putting it on ham sandwiches. Mmmmmmmm....
Back to the pregnancy:
I had an appointment and all we did was listen to the heartbeat. It was amazing, of course!! My doctor gelled up the microphone and started rubbing around my belly trying to find B. There were some very loud noises!! She said that's the baby bouncing around!! I still can't feel it, but it was really encouraging to hear. She finally got around the poking, jabbing, dancing baby appendages and found the heartbeat. The machine couldn't even get the heart rate because of all the other noise! Then...
Okay, let me correct the original statement: "I had an appointment and we listened to the heartbeat, I gave some blood and we made our next appointment!" Most exciting part: Next appointment is July 7th and we're having an ultrasound to find out if Bartok will be wearing pink or blue and we'll get a more accurate due date!
Only 22 days left!! Better get your votes in!!
I added a few things on the blog for your enjoyment and to connect you a little more with what's going on around here. Love you all!!

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