Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morgan, Drew and Sam Visit

Aunt Morgan and her boyfriend, Drew, came to visit the family and met little Ben for the first time! We had a great time while they were here...
Drew and Morgan bottle-fed Ben in the van on the way home from the airport - so he likes them a lot!

We hit Chick-Fil-A for lunch on the way home where Morgan and Drew took turns going into the play area with Jay

Morgan and Drew came over one morning and watched Jay while I got a much-needed nap!

Morgan and Drew came to Jay's first dentist appointment and took care of Ben while I got some dental work done.

Aunt Sammy came into town from Charleston, too! She and Morgan took turns holding a sleepy Baby Ben at church.

Aunt Sammy also decided to stay in Greenville a little longer than planned so she could visit with everyone! That was really sweet.

Morgan, Drew, Judy, the boys and I all went for a late night ice cream - it was Jay's first visit to an ice cream place and they gave him a free cone (since he's so little)!

Morgan and Drew went to the zoo with the boys and me. It was a lot of fun - especially since the gibbons were making lots of noise! (Check out the short video if you haven't ever heard them.)

Praise God for such a tightly knit family, for providing the money and time for everyone to visit and for sweet, sweet moments with the ones we love!

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MorganRose said...

I cannot tell you how much that visit meant to me! And how much I loved every second of it (and how TIRED I was by the end of every day). I love all of you so much and I'm so thankful that you let us be such a huge part of your lives during the visit. I miss those boys (and you guys of course - but I've known you way longer!) so much

xoxo aunt m (or any sound Jay makes when I ask him to say "morgan")