Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Best Lullaby

We went to the park today with the Hallmans and ate a picnic lunch. Jay had a great time picking all the "flowers" (we call them weeds, but he thinks they're nice) and playing on the playground. Time flew by, right past nap time, in fact. This was mostly due to the novice mother-of-2 in charge (me) who thought 5 minutes was enough to load the car. Wrong. It took me a total of 30 minutes to put Jay in the double stroller, get things organized enough to be able to push the stroller, respond to Jay's fist of fury saying, "Potty", use the bathroom, change Ben, repack the stroller, put the kids in the car and drive away. Wow. I was more exhausted from leaving the park than playing with and chasing Jay in the midday heat. I managed to stay awake for the whole ride home, but nothing beats a nice drive to put the kids to sleep.
Jay asked for a snack shortly before falling asleep. I gave him
some cashews. Apparently he does not like cashews.

1 comment:

Tom said...

hahaha... I love that picture of Jay. Amazing.

Too bad, too... cause those are really good cashews.

Thanks for taking us to the park! Sorry we had to leave early and abandon you to the 30-minute mom survival test. Hmmm... sounds like a new reality TV show. The Amazing Baby Race or something...