Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is it really a blog if it's only pictures?

Well I guess this is an official "update" but it's just pictures again. July 4th weekend and we were in Clemson, SC with Karen's brother and some friends. Swimming, hiking, cooking out, watching fireworks = very nice weekend. Enjoy.

Blahlum blahlum blahlum was the "new trick" for the day.

Smiling all weekend, serioiusly, all weekend.

"So we hiked to a waterfall... and?" - Jay, he really said that right after this photo.

"I'm baby Jay Monster! ROAR!!!!"

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Morgan said...

LOVE!!! and i think pictures definitely still count. cracking up over you teaching him that...and how he looks like a little grown man sittin with robby!! so sweet! and the unimpressed face....i can't get enough!! see you in a few weeks!!!! XOXO