Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two Months and... WAY behind!

Alright, the other two are sleeping and I have about 10 mins before I get to wake them up so here's some "scoop" since last time:

January 11th - Tom and Ali Hallman came down to spend a week with us and for Tom to baptize Karen and I.

Jay was happy -------------------------------->

They also helped Karen out IMMENSELY with laundry, food, relaxing, and rocking out with Guitar Hero World Tour.

We made a small "Brady Bunch" type photo that will be getting developed today (finally):

Jay's Great-Grandparents Cronin, Great Aunt Trisha, Great? / Second Cousin Christian, Great Aunt and Uncle Cronin, and Great "Aunt" Cindy Walsh are all visiting tomorrow for a cookout and baby puke catching contest. Jay will be hosting both events.

Karen's tutoring almost every day now which keeps her speaking spanish, teaching again, and allows her to interact with someone else besides our 12 lb SBJBBBH (Sweet Baby James Blue Berry Bobble Head courtesy of Aunt Morgan).

Time to wake them up with a battle cry from one movie that I can't wait to watch with my son: FREEEEEEDDOOOOOMMM!!!!!

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